Reviews Hondrox

  • Žan
    I liked the product, it works fast, the effect is immediate. However, I sprayed on my back and sometimes my waist hurt. It also helped a lot from behind. I ordered the hondrox on site, it was shipped very quickly.
  • Nejc
    After a month of spray use, Hondrox forgot about joint pain. The examination showed that the damaged cartilage had almost recovered. I will continue to use the spray until full recovery.
  • Sara
    I am very happy with the Hondrox spray. I used it for a month to repair my wrist - the pain was gone immediately, literally after the first application. I also ordered several bottles for my mother, such a drug should be in every first aid kit.
  • Lara
    I had an accident, my leg was seriously injured, the pain lasted for more than two years. I bought the Hondrox and completely got rid of the inconvenience in two weeks. Very good spray, I recommend.
  • Nika
    I bought it on medical advice, very good medicine and cheap. I liked the effect: Hondrox perfectly relieves pain while caring for the skin. After the injury, I treat the hip joint, now only in the middle of the cure, but it has become easier to walk and the pain has completely disappeared.
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